Groovy Food - Agave Nectar - Rich 250ml

Groovy Food

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Groovy Food-Groovy Dark Agave Nectar (250ml)At last, there’s a real alternative to sugar. And a natural substitute for those naughty synthetic sweeteners.

Agave [ah-gah-vay] Nectar is tongue-jinglingly delicious, 25% sweeter than sugar, and you can add it to cereal, sauces, cakes, tea, coffee, soft drinks and more without tainting the taste. Even better, it's got a low GI (Glycaemic Index) content, which means it won’t yo-yo your energy levels like sugar can.

Agave Nectar Rich - Deliciously dark and tempting, its smooth maple syrup-like flavour is just right for drizzling over food or adding to cooking.

Down with sugar. Out with artificial sweeteners. That’s what we say. Why? Because sugar leaves you buzzing, which might be nice for a while, but once the rush is over, your energy slumps and you’re tired again. Meanwhile, artificial sweeteners can leave you feeling frazzled and fuzzy. And let’s face it. Anything artificial is frankly thumbs-down for your body.

Agave Nectar, on the other hand, helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced so there are less buzzes and slumps. How? Well, here’s the clever bit. Agave Nectar has an 76% fructose (fruit sugar) level. Fructose is a slow-release carbohydrate, which means the body absorbs it more slowly and doesn’t need oodles of insulin (the chemical that triggers sugary ‘highs’ and ‘lows’) to break it down.