Al Asyl - Al Asyl Organic Argan Oil 50ml

Al Asyl

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Al Asyl Organic Argan Oil 50ml
Used for both skin and hair, this is a natural, organic and non-greasy oil that is rich in anti-ageing Vitamin E, Omega 3, 6 & 9. The Organic Argan Oil by Al Asyl has an abundance of natural anti-oxidants to protect against free radical damage, fighting the signs of ageing. This incredible elixir, found exclusively in the south west of Morocco, will nourish, hydrate and renew cell activity while deeply rejuvenating your skin to leave it soft, smooth and moisturised.
Suitable for all hair types, Al Asyl's Organic Argan Oil revitalises and rehydrates the hair giving it a smooth silky finish. Our Argan Oil further strengthens hair, slows down dryness of scalp and prevents split ends. Al Asyl's Organic Argan Oil has been stored in violet glass bottles to ensure maximum preservation.