Amaizin Soya Beans - Amaizin Soya Beans 400g x 6

Amaizin Soya Beans

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Amaizin Soya Beans 400g x 6
Amaizin Organic Soya Beans. delicious Amaizin Soya Beans have been popular in China for centuries, thanks to their great nutritional benefits: rich in fibre and protein. Irresistible with our Amaizin wraps. Ready to eat and irresistible with our Amaizin wraps! Amaizin brings the authentic Indian and Thai kitchen to you! With our Amaizin curry paste's you can easily prepare the most delicous and authentic-tasting curries! Our organic curry paste's are made in Sri Lanka, according to traditional Asian recipes: two Indian and one Thai curry. Without any added cane- or beet sugar!