Organix - Banana & Plum Porridge (7+) 200g x 4


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Organix - Stage 2 from 7 months - Banana & Plum Porridge - 200g: Organix launched in 1992 with some fundamental beliefs: that everybody, no matter how young, deserves to eat well and that great-tasting organic ingredients and delicious recipes can encourage a life-long love of food. They've stuck to them fanatically. They're committed to never adding anything unnecessary and to setting standards, it's called their No Junk Promise. They're campaigning for change in the food industry, schools, nurseries & restaurants. All because they want the best for you on every step of your little one's journey. A softly chewable organic porridge with a mix of plum chunks, crispy oats and delicious banana. "Organix organic stage 2 porridge is the perfect next step when you and your baby are ready to move on to try new textures. There are small crispy pieces and tiny plum chunks for them to explore and enjoy, creating a softly chewable texture. With no added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners, the banana and plum provide all the flavour.