Belvoir - Belvoir Cranberry Presse 250ml


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Belvoir Belvoir Cranberry Presse 250ml
A beautiful, deep red pressé that's packed with lots and lots of real cranberries, pressed and blended with bubbling Belvoir spring water. Available in 25cl and 75cl.
Belvoir's Cranberry Pressé is made with masses of real pressed cranberry juice, so it tastes amazingly rich yet dry and fruity, and seriously refreshing. As with the entire Belvoir Fruit Farms range, you won't find any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives in this Pressé. Its delicious, real taste comes from real ingredients – we don't think you'd want it any other way. Chill Cranberry Pressé in the fridge and serve over ice to refresh your friends and family, or be a little creative and mix it with gin or vodka to create some splendidly fruity cocktails and long drinks.