Beutelsbacher Demeter Pear Juice - Beutelsbacher Demeter Pear Juice 750ml

Beutelsbacher Demeter Pear Juice

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BeutelsbacherDemeter Pear Juice 750ml
Refreshing clear pure juice. 100 % pure organic juice from ripe, freshly harvested pears in demeter-quality. -not from concentrate -no added sugar Description: The pears come from selected trees grown using biodynamic techniques. This plays an important role in environmental protection, since many animals and plants thrive in these living conditions. Sun-riped pears are freshly pressed and the juice is bottled. The fine flavor of this naturally sweet and mildly acidic juice appeals to both children and adults alike. No genetically modified organism, no chemical preservatives, colourings or sweeteners. Quality: bio-dynamic Procedure: harvest fresh Ingredients: Pears.