Rio Trading - Camu-Camu 500Mg 8:1 Extract Vegicaps 60s

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Camu-Camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a small
tree native to the Amazon basin. It produces
cherry-sized fruit which contains the most
concentrated source of Vitamin C1 of any
other known fruit on earth. The health
benefits associated with Vitamin C come
not only from ascorbic acid but from the
synergistic interaction of bioflavonoids
and numerous phytonutrients in a foodform
state. The key advantage from
taking a natural Vitamin C supplement such
as Camu-Camu is that it is gentle on the
stomach and easier to assimilate in the body than
synthesized Vitamin C. Rio Amazon Camu-
Camu capsules contain an 8:1 juice extract.
Once capsule is equivalent to
4,000mg of Camu-Camu fruit and each
capsules is standardized to contain 100mg
of Vitamin C.