Yarrah - Chicken Pate With Spirulina & Seaweed 400g


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Yarrah Chicken Terrine is a very delicious pie for cats, made ??with organic meat. It is a complete and easy to digest meals with a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals.
Your cat will be alive and healthy thanks to the total lack of harmful ingredients that can cause skin problems, irritation, bowel disorders and allergic reactions.
With Yarrah Organic Pet Food your cat will have shiny skin, teeth and nails strong and muscles strong and flexible.

Yarrah products are entirely free of dairy products, flavorings and chemical dyes. The only preservatives are used vitamins and natural minerals.

* 52% meat and animal by-products * chicken * min. 18% wheat *, corn *, spirulina (seaweed), seaweeds, minerals.
* = From organic agriculture