Chikas - Chikas Honey Spiced Almonds 45g x 12


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Chikas Chikas Honey Spiced Almonds 45g x 12
Just like sweet and salted popcorn, it’s great to have a variety of flavours for your mouth to explore. Our Honey Spiced Almonds can provide you with just that, and more (we know we shouldn’t brag, but we just can’t help it when it comes to exciting snacks!). These amazing almonds are packed full of good, nutritious ingredients and flavour, inspired by the exotic tastes of West Africa.

Our Honey Spiced Almonds are what we like to call ‘delightfully delectable’. This isn’t only due to the pleasing combination of sweet spice, but they’re also insanely crunchy! Be warned, these flavoured almonds really pack a punch with their intense chilli kick.