Groovy Food - Cool Oil Rich In Omega 3 6 9 250ml

Groovy Food

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Groovy Food-Groovy Cool Oil (250ml)Research has shown that by increasing our intake of essential fatty acids (EFAs - the good fats), in the right ratio, our bodies can experience a wide variety of health benefits. Even better, unlike saturated fats, EFAs are used up by the body rapidly, so they dont end up as fat stored round your bum, belly or other bits!

Our bodies crave essential fatty acids but because we cant produce them, we have to get them by eating the right things. Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles its not always easy to get enough of them in our daily diets and in the right balance.

Well, now you can, as Cool Oil does all the hard work for you! Made up of a blend of flax, hemp and pumpkin seed oils, and oil of evening primrose, it is custom-blended to provide the answer to all your EFA needs!

More and more research is leading towards the belief that a balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 contains properties that may help maintain brain function, a healthy heart, bendy joints, great skin and wonderful energy levels.