Aspall - Cyder Vinegar 5Ltr


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Aspall Non Organic Cider Vinegar - 5000ml Much of our Aspall Cyder Vinegar is made using Frings Acetator technology. At Aspall we have the most advanced Acetator in the UK, it having been installed in the summer of 1998. However, its high efficiency is due to the fact that only the highest quality cyder is used. By using only cyder fermented from fresh apples, all the natural nutrients the acetobacter like are present. Cyder made from high strength concentrate has lost a lot of these nutrients through the concentrating process, and subsequently bacterial fermentations with this type of cyder are much slower, and the resultant vinegar is a lot less fruity and aromatic. We have tried it, but wouldn't put our name to the finished product.Once the cyder has fermented to vinegar, it is allowed to mature for 4 months, before being filtered clear and bright. Depending on the application the vinegar is blended prior to packing. If bottled, as with all our vinegar, this is done un-pasteurised to ensure nutrient, flavour and aroma retention.