Weleda - Digestion Calming Drops 25ml


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WELEDA Digestion Calming Drops THR-R 25ml
In the years around 1920 three pioneers set about Giving new form to the teaching and research activity on anthroposophical medicine qui HAD Existed for a number of years. In 1921 the doctor Ita Wegman (1876-1943) opened the Clinical and Therapeutic Institute in Arlesheim in Switzerland, a hospital using anthroposophical medicine for Treating people Who HAD fallen ill.A traditional herbal medicine.For the symptomatic Relief of nausea, stomach ache, stomach upset and occasional diarrhea.Made from soothing melissa more archangelica root, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, coriander and lemon oil.Also helpful When traveling.Suitable for vegans.