Ecover - Ecover Washing Up Liquid - Chamomile & Clementine 1Ltr


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Ecover Washing Up Liquid - Chamomile & Clementine 1Ltr
Washing-up Liquid Camomile & Clementine

At Ecover, we are about your home & what you clean it with. That's why we've spent more than 35 years pioneering effective, plant-based ingredients with the health of your home in mind. Because a healthy world begins at home.

Our washing-up liquid cuts through stubborn grease and grime to leave your dishes spotless and squeaky clean.
We choose renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients which are effective, reduce pollution and lessen the burden on our planet's resources.
Our products have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin so you can rest assured that when you use them, we're looking after your hands.