Enviromental Toothbrush - Enviromental/T Toothbrush Display - Medium (12 Pack)

Enviromental Toothbrush

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The Environmental Toothbrush Co Medium: If you are vegan and don't want to use our boar bristle wooden toothbrush then this bamboo handle toothbrush with natural polymer (cellulose based) bristles might be for you. The best thing about these toothbrushes is that when they have served their purpose you can still shred them and put them in the compost or just throw them onto your open fire or into your woodburner. The bristles burn and degrade quite quickly. The head of the toothbrush is wrapped in a small piece of bio degradable plastic held with a metal/cardboard clip that is 100% recyclable. The toothbrush comes packed in a recycled cardboard container. There is no animal based glue or oils used in the making of this toothbrush. Please dry your toothbrush properly i.e. don't keep it standing in a toothbrush holder that contains water.