Fit-Day Smoothie Oat Banana & Chocolate - Fit-Day Smoothie Oat Banana & Chocolate 600g

Fit-Day Smoothie Oat Banana & Chocolate

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Fit-Day Smoothie Oat Banana & Chocolate 600g
Fit-Day Natural Protein The Fit-day protein formula composition contained in all of our products, unlike other natural sources of protein, contains all essential amino acids (even in high concentrations). The Fitday formula was created with the help of experts from Boston University, who are in charge of research in amino acids. Fit-day protein is suitable for all age groups from 4 years, coeliacs, vegans, vegetarians, and the main ingredients are Kosher certified. Protein allows the first biochemical reactions in living cells at the beginning of our life and is therefore an important building block of our body. However, it is very important to choose the right source of protein - Fit-day plant based protein is easily absorbed, and does not affect the human body, like any other protein sources. In addition it is lactose-free and is therefore an ideal source of protein for all those who have allergies. Fit-day is perfect for promoting muscle growth, weight loss, and also for vegetarians or vegans who are looking for a way to incorporate more protein in their diet. Fit-day protein is an excellent source of arginine, the amino acid that your body needs to build muscles. Arginine is conditionally essential, meaning that you will need more of it in the times when you have a lot of stress or you are sick. From pea protein you can get more arginine than from other sources of protein. The main component of Fit-day protein is pea, which is considered one of the oldest ingredients for food preparation in Europe ans is full of energy and protein. With Fit-day we open a new future in eating. We want and we will help people on their journey. We do not use chemicals, flavorings, preservatives or genetically modified materials and thanks to this we can offer you quality fuel for your body. Fit-day is the largest producer of plant based protein in the Czech Republic. We use only the finest natural ingredients grown in Europe for the production of your favourite breakfast and snacks.100% Natural.Plant based protein.Quality fuel for your body.Rich in essential amino acids.Suitable for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians.