Fit-Day - Fit-Day Superfood Chia Mango Powder 600g


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Fit Day Superfood Chia Mango Powder 600g
FIT-DAY Superfood CHIA-MANGO is a combination of high- quality plant protein, chia seeds and delicious manga . One batch of super mix gives you plenty of energy and encourages you all day . The Fit-day range has been developed for all who really want to eat healthy and give the body the best.

Manga grows on twenty-meter trees that bloom about four million flowers a year, of which twenty-five thousand will then develop in the fetus. Thanks to this rich harvest, the natives consider the mangrove to be a natural pizzeria that provides them with enough nutrients and food. Each fetus is a masterpiece of nature. It is exceptional not only for its aroma and delicious sweet taste, but also for its large amount of the most effective antioxidants.

Chia seeds are very nutritious and full of minerals beneficial to your body . These are the seeds of Hispanic sage, plants, whose height is about a meter, and at the end of each stem have purple or white flowers. Chia are small black and white seeds with a pleasant fine nut flavor. They are among the strong antioxidants, the so-called superfoods . Chia are referred to as "Aztec runners and warriors" who have only one handful of seeds to supply energy for the day. Chia in combination with water creates a gel that helps the body hydrate from the inside and is therefore especially suitable for athletes, diabetics, celiacs and vegetarians. Seeds can be sprinkled with salads and other dishes.