Flahavans - Flahavans Oat Bran 750g


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Flahavans Oat Bran. Flahavan's Oat Bran is made when oatmeal is ground down and the oat flour is removed leaving a greater concentration of both soluble and insoluble fibre fraction of the oats. Flahavan's Oat Bran has more oat flour extracted than most other brands available. This means the oat bran is of a higher quality and per gram represents the healthiest oat bran around. This contains the germ and protein of the grain and the skin of the kernel - here is the unique soluble fibre fraction of oats. Oat Bran is therefore quite different from wheat bran, which is the portion of the wheat grain removed in the manufacture of white flour. Dietary change would seem to be the natural way of preventing high blood cholesterol. There is little doubt that oats, and in particular Oat Bran, can play an important part in such a regime. Ideally, best results are obtained by eating 40-50 grams of oat bran per day as part of a low fat diet, but even without restricting the diet radically, useful reductions will be obtained. You can receive your daily requirement of soluble fibre by eating Oat bran as a delicious hot cereal. But that's only the beginning! Oat Bran can be used as a main ingredient in many of your favourite recipes. One can vary the fibre levels of a porridge breakfast by using different proportions of Flahavan's Progress Oatlets and Flahavan's Oat Bran. Try a porridge of Flahavan's Oat Bran mixed with Flahavan's Progress Oatlets and served with chopped banana and apple!