Flahavans - Flahavans Quick Oats Organic Porridge Sachets - (8 Pack) 280g


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Flahavans Quick Oat Porridge.
Recognising the need for quick and easy to prepare breakfasts Flahavan's have developed Microwave Quick Oats Sachets
The original box contains 10 individual sachets of 100% wholegrain oats
And the organic contains 8 individual sachets of 100% wholegrain organic oats
Both varieties contain a free, easy to use, liquid measure cup to ensure perfect porridge everytime
The oats are carefully selected and milled in such a way that they will cook quicker in the microwave without losing their taste or nutritional benefits
Microwave Quick Oats are naturally low in salt, sugar and saturated fat and are an excellent source of dietary fibre