Gaea - Gaea Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


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Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Gaea Fresh, a revolution in the top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil category. Using the latest technology, this superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil, seals in all the freshness of early harvest, the intense aromas and taste forever At the ancient olive grove of Krista in Crete, the olives are harvested by hand while still green and unripe. Every bottle contains the juice of approx. 2.300 early harvest koromiko variety olives, and through the use of advanced technology (nitrogen is induced in all tanks and the head space of the bottle) seals in all the nutritional characteristics, aroma, and taste Thus GAEA FRESH represents a top technological attainment. It is the 1st Olive Oil in the world that guarantees: Fresh from the press within 3 hours of harvest "Vintage" harvest date declaration (like precious wines) Sensory profile analysis. Limited edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil (with numbered bottles) for each harvest year Taste: Spicy and fruity Rich in antioxidants.