Gaea - Gaea Whole Kalamata Olives 300g


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Gaea Whole Kalamata Olives 300g
GAEA whole Kalamata olives come from the famous Kalamata region. They are 100% natural, plump, fleshy and full of flavour. Eat on their own or add to casseroles and salads. Meze finger food and appetizers to savour and share from the Greek Mediterranean table
Olives are considered to be one of the most important fruit crops in the Mediterranean territory. An invaluable tree for the Mediterranean area, the olive tree is also considered a symbol of peace, serenity, fertility and rebirth. The olive tree is truly God's gift to man! Olive trees have been awe-inspiring since ancient times as drought resistant trees: new buds emerge from the dried-out trunks, and the trees are thus reborn. In Greece there are several varieties of edible olives, mainly represented by Kalamata olives, Amfissa olives, and the wrinkled Throumba olives from the island of Thasos, amongst others. The colour of the olive (green, violetish-brown or black) varies, depending on how ripe the fruit is. Scientific research has confirmed the high nutritional value and the antioxidant action of edible olives, as they are rich in fibre, minerals, monounsaturated fat and vitamin E.