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Hubner-Silicea Hair Skin and Nails (60 capsule)Silicea - for healthy skin and hair, strong nails, and to help maintain healthy connective tissue. What is Original Silicea? Silicea is a pure mineral substance - without any additives. It contains silica, one of the body's essential nutrients, which is used in all connective tissue. Original Silicea contains silica in a form that can eaily be taken up by the body and be used to maintain healthy connective tissue. Why should I take original Silicea, what is it good for? Our body uses up silica on a daily basis, as flakes of skin, hair and nails are discarded. Original Silicea is a food supplement that can help maintain healthy skin, hair and strong nails, and so help prevent signs of ageing and keep the hair, skin and nails beautiful. Silica can also play a role in the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones. Hair Health Benefits Supports healthy, strong and glossy hair Provides a comprehensive supply of nutrients for the hair, right down into the roots Improves the stability, structure and appearance of the hair Without silicon, hair can become dry, dull, fragile and brittle Skin Health Benefits Helps hydrate the body's tissues Enables the binding of water within the body which makes skin feel firmer, and look smoother and younger Enables transportation of nutrients to the skin's cells Helps to support the formation of connective tissue fibres, elastin and collagen Nail Health Benefits Helps to strengthen nails Provides a great supply of nutrients to the nails Takes only 5-6 months to see a positive improvement on the condition of the nails Nail Health Benefits: Strengthens nails Good supply of nutrients to the nails 5 to 6 months is needed to see the positive influence of silica on nail growth and strength