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Higher Nature True Food B Complex Tablets 90s
B vitamins often exist together in food so it makes sense to take a B complex in a food-based formula with top-ups of single vitamins where necessary B vitamins and Vitamin C are important for transforming food into energy and to maintain energy and vitality B vitamins, C and Magnesium help reduce fatigue and tiredness in situations of inadequate micronutrient status Bioflavonoids support a healthy immune system, help to maintain healthy vein circulation and may help joint health They are known to work synergistically with Vitamin C to support immunity True Food® B Complex contains the major B vitamins plus Vitamin C and Magnesium in a food-based form, which the body is designed to digest and are readily absorbed for high bioavailability Gentle on the stomach Helps replace B vitamins, Vitamin C and Magnesium lost from the diet through modern farming methods, storage, cooking and environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, alcohol, and todays demanding lifestyle Ideal for busy lives and compromised digestion and absorption Available in easy-to-swallow tablets, pleasantly flavoured with natural vanilla.