Westlab - Himalayan Pink Salt - Stand Up Pouch 1kg


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WESTLAB LTD Himalayan Pink Bath Salt 1kg
Himalayan salt originates from the mountains rather than the sea, so it remains pure whereas rock salt is as polluted as the water it is sourced from. This Himalayan bath salt is great for soaking in as it is highly detoxifying and contains over 80 minerals including magnesium, potassium and calcium which are essential to our wellbeing.
Using Himalayan salt as a bath soak will help to remove toxins from the body via osmosis, will leave our skin feeling smooth and radiant whilst improving skin tone. Calcium supports cell renewal, helps regulate lipid barrier function and is an antioxidant to help protect from DNA damage. Magnesium soothes and repairs damaged skin, protects skin form allergies caused by rashes, soothes the nervous system and helps with muscle relaxation. Potassium helps muscles keep their control over the body, supports the growth of new cells, reduces stress and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.