Incognito - Incense Sticks - 10 Pack 10 Sticks


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Incognito - Citronella Incense Sticks (1g)This incense is a very effective, chemical free, non-toxic mosquito shield. It has a completely natural fragrance and emits strong, refreshing notes that help to keep the majority of insects away.
Studies show these can reduce landings of mosquitoes on individuals by up to 75%.
Use in any insect populated area especially at dawn and dusk.
Safe to burn indoors or outdoors.
Slow burning -each stick burns for around 1 hour
Lovely lemony smell
10 sticks in each pack
Non toxic
Dimensions: 22cm x 7.5 cm

Directions for use:
Place in a sturdy place, light the tip of the stick then blow out the flame. Caution: keep away from children and animals. Ensure proper ventilation when humans or animals are inside.

70% parawood 20% powdered citronella plant 10% citronella essential oil
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