Incognito - Incognito Hair & Body Wash 200ml


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Incognito Hair & Body Wash 200ml
Part of the brand new second skin range, incognito’s new reformulated hair and bodywash acts as both a nourishing shampoo and refreshing shower gel. The organic bergamot and tea tree oil give this product valuable antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, and helps keep dandruff & even head lice at bay. The organic Java citronella oil also helps to boost your protection against insect bites. For complete protection anywhere in the world, use with incognito spray and/or roll-on.
This product is approved by the Soil Association as Cosmos Natural. This means that the ingredients inside are rigorously tested, there is no GM, and we never test on animals. Cosmos Natural also ensures that both the environmental impact and waste production of ingredients and the final product are minimised. Manufacturers of Cosmos Natural products are inspected annually.
This bottle is made from sugarcane plastic! This sustainable material uses ethanol from sugarcane rather than conventional plastics which traditionally contain fossil fuel based raw materials. Every kilogram of sugarcane plastic produced, prevents the release of 4.6kg of carbon dioxide into the environment. This bottle is also 100% recyclable!