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Jack & Jill Gift Kit Bunny Single
Iconic Australian natural toothpaste brand Jack N’ Jill Kids is now in the UK. Having made kids smile around the world, with its all-natural formula turning brushing into a fun and safe experience.

The winning combination of natural organic ingredients and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging has seen Jack N’ Jill Kids win over the dental market for kids in Australia and overseas, and is now sold in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Developed by Melbourne-based couple Rachel and Justin Bernhaut, the original Jack N’ Jill Kids toothpaste was first established in 1949 and has been in Justin’s family for over 20 years. Now its updated formulation and new branding is proving to be more popular than ever – with parents and kids alike.

The range incorporates toothpaste of various flavours; toothbrushes – both manual and electric; silicone finger brushes – perfect for cleaning gums and first teeth; rinse cups – all designed to make brushing fun and most importantly, safe for kids.