Wassen - Magnesium Ok Tablets 90s


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WASSEN INTERNATIONAL Magnesium-OK (Vegetarian) 90tabs
Magnesium-OK is a one a day tablet combining six vitamins and seven minerals, with emphasis on magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc, specifically designed to minimise the ups and downs associated with the monthly cycle.
Balancing the demands of today's hectic lifestyle is not always easy and therefore maintaining a well balanced nutritional regime can be difficult. In addition, many women have specific nutritional requirements during their monthly menstrual cycle.
Women between puberty and the menopause often find that the 2-14 days before the start of the period are accompanied by physical and emotional changes. It has been suggested that fluctuating hormone levels can be partly responsible for this and that a healthy diet and lifestyle can help this aspect of women’s health.
It is worth considering the possibility of obtaining extra nutrients through supplementation. Research has shown that many women who experience problems related to the monthly cycle have low levels of magnesium, a mineral needed for normal nerve and hormone function as well as energy production. There is evidence too that vitamin B6 can help. As well as helping maintain well being, these nutrients work with other selected vitamins and minerals.
Studies confirm that nutrients found in Magnesium-OK give good nutritional support to women in their reproductive years and so help to maintain overall well being.
Magnesium-OK helps safeguard key nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc, which play a role in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance.Magnesium, one of the key nutrients in this product, is used for normal glucose metabolism and may help to maintain blood sugar stability in premenstrual women.Vitamin B6 and zinc are needed for those enzymes involved in hormone regulation, as well as metabolism of brain chemicals.