Ellas Kitchen - Mango & Apple Rice Dessert - Stage 2 80g x 6

Ellas Kitchen

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Ellas/k Stg2 Rice/pud Dessert 80g: Ellas Kitchen Organic Rice Pudding 80G: Good in every sense, Just nutritious organic food for growing babies, No added sugar or salt contains naturally occurring sugars, No additives or thickeners, E numbers or GM, No concentrates or juices, No big lumps and nothing artificial, Suitable for vegetarians, Rice pudding with mangoes + apples stage 2 from 7 months. Hello, I'm a 100% yummy rice pudding dessert for babies. I'm made from a mix of just organic foods, perfectly balanced for growing babies. My dad promised my and my brother that our baby foods would always be fun, handy and really yummy. He said he'll only put stuff in them that helps babies to grow up. I said they'll only like them if they taste as good as their mum's food and he agreed. Ingredients: Organic Whole Milk 59%, Organic Mangoes 15%, Organic Apples 15%, Organic Rice 8%, Organic Cream 3%, Other Stuff 0%.