Balance - Milk Praline Chocolate Bar - Stevia Sweetened 35g x 20


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We have carefully selected the best ingredients to create our Stevia Bars so what you experience is a luxurious, velvety chocolate. At just 35 grams, these bars are a great treat and can easily be slipped into a pocket, handbag or lunch box.
The thing that sets these bars apart from a lot of other No Added Sugar chocolate bars is that this one is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a naturally sweet plant extract which has no calories or carbohydrates, so it is a healthier alternative to sugar.
You can also indulge that sweet tooth whilst being kind to your teeth!


Cocoa butter, Fibres (inuline), Full milk powder, Cocoa mass, Skimmed milk powder, Vegetable fats, Maltitol, Hazelnuts, Soya lecithin, Steviol glycoside, Natural aromas.
Advisory information:

May contain traces of peanuts. Contains soy, nuts and milk.