NAHS Chag-O-Charge Wild Forest Tea 91g


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NAHS Chag-O-Charge Wild Forest Tea 91g

Product Descriptions

Chag-o-charge is a potent source of natural B vitamins plus the all-important antioxidant enzyme SOD. It is also a natural source of beta-glucan, minerals and powerful plant sterols. A definite health drink like no other. Chag-o-charge tea is a truly unique and whole food blend. It is made from the most potent mushroom known, the wild Chaga mushroom. It also contains unrefined, sun-dried, certified organic, black mace root and wild white birch bark. Chag-o-charge is one of the most potent whole food complexes on earth because it contains virtually every known nutrient in significant quantities.

It is an excellent source of B vitamins and plant sterols as well as minerals. As the world's top source of superoxide dismutase, the Chaga mushroom has huge antioxidant capabilities, while also delivering betulin and betulinic acid. The potential benefits of the powerful nutrients in chag-o-charge have attracted great interest, spurring extensive research for developing new therapies.


Wild raw chaga mushroom, wild raw white birch and organic purple maca root.