Nature Crops - Nature Crops Organic Gluten Free Quinoabar With Prunes 25g x 20

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Nature Crops Organic Gluten Free Quinoabar With Prunes
The ancient power of organic Quinoa, in the nutrition bar of today! Quinoa is organically grown only in the Andean Mountains and called a `Supergrain¿ because of its excellent nutritional qualities. It contains far more protein than any other grain and has a much higher biological quality (BQ) of protein. Furthermore it is gluten free, very low on fat, and much richer in iron/calcium/phosphor/fiber/Vitamin E than any other grain. The Incas considered it their main source of nutrition as far back as 3000 years ago. NASA uses it for their astronauts. And now we bring it to you, wonderfully blended with other premium ingredients in NatureCrops Natural Nutrition Bars! Very popular worldwide due to the digestive power of those delicious prunes. The delicate blend of Quinoa & Prunes, mixed with our other premium ingredients, results in a deliciously (low fat) nutrition bar that will easily get you through the day, on any day. Nutritious and very tasty ¿ without the usual calories.