Natures G/Secret - Natures G/Secret Colloidal Silver For Pets - Silver Gel 100ml

Natures G/Secret

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Nature's Greatest Secret Colloidal Silver For Pets -Silver Gel 100ml
This Intensive Formula treatment has just been improved and now contains our best quality Amber Colloidal Silver, Coconut Oil and Bergamot to offer the most effective results.
Natures Greatest Secret are a new range products which not only contain our best Colloidal Silver but also Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to create a complete skin solution. These silky smooth and great smelling gels have medicinal properties as well as being natural moisturisers.
Coconut Oil has similar properties to Colloidal Silver, its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal as well as being an effective antioxidant with soothing moisturising capabilities. When you have dry or sensitive skin it can be very beneficial to include a moisturizer in your regimen.
Bergamot oil is known for its calming properties and for its effectiveness on skin conditions.
All of our gel products feel great on the skin, are non sticky, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.
This product contains Colloidal Silver, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Bergamot Oil - delicious and effective.