Oatwell - Oatwell Crispy Hearts Multipack (30g x 7)


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Oatwell Crispy Hearts Multipack (30g x 7)
OatWell™ Crispy Hearts contains natural oat bran powder rich in oat beta-glucan, which is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. One portion (30g) of OatWell™ Crispy Hearts per day contains 3g oat beta-glucan, enough to reduce your blood cholesterol levels, and equivalent to three bowls of porridge oats. Taken daily, empty one sachet of OatWell Crispy Hearts into a bowl of cold milk or simply add to cereal, yogurt or eat as a convenient snack in between meals. Suitable for everyone, OatWellTM Crispy Hearts is available as a pack of 7 x 30g sachets, giving a 7 day supply.