Wild Thing - Organic Paleo Bar - Cacao & Almond 30g x 20

Wild Thing

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Wild Thing Organic Paleo Bar Cacao & Almond 30g: Wild Thing believes that a real Paleo diet should be organic because organic paleo food is grown without pesticides and in a way that helps bio-diversity thrive.It's also the only way to guarantee that there are no additives, chemicals or unacceptable processing added during production. Wild Thing organic paleo bars are made exclusively with raw ingredients.What makes the bars great is the natural taste of the ingredients and the beauty of the recipe. Wild Thing put a lot of time into choosing only the best ingredients to make these paleo snack bars.Using calcium-rich almonds, and mixing organic cacao powder full of good flavonoids to create this chocolaty vegan bar. When the ingredients are as good as these, there's no need to confuse the recipe, Wild Thing only use 5 ingredients! Leaving Cacao to add the richest flavour and almonds and raisins to create the texture, this is a Wild Thing organic snack bar for the chocolate fix.