Ortisan - Ortisan Ginseng With Royal Jelly - Organic 250ml


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Ortis - Organic Ginseng (250ml)
Organic Ginseng - 250ml May help maintain good health and vitality. Faced with the everyday stress associated with our modern lifestyles, or whenever the seasons change, our bodies experience all kinds of imbalances, which manifest themselves in a number of different ways:- Fatigue- Irritability- Lethargy- Disturbed Sleep- Irregular eating or digestive patterns- Concentration Issues.... Each daily intake provides:-The ideal quantity and superior quality of ginsenosides (40 mg) guaranteeing the adaptogenic effect of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer from the hills of Manchuria-100% pure royal jelly (500 mg), the ideal partner for ginseng, enhancing its invigorating and revitalising effects