Mangajo - Pome & Green Tea Drink 250ml x 12


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Mangajo - Pomegranate & Green Tea - 250ml: With a passion for green tea and a feeling the grass might be greener on the other side, Alex Hannon with a little help from her friend Anthony set up Mangajo Drinks Company back in the early noughties. Inspired by the lively population of octogenarians she’d seen in Asia, Alex developed a range of drinks based on the magical ingredients she found there. Since then, Mangajo has grown and the recipes have been refined into the winning combinations you know and love. Alex starts every day with a bottle of Lemon & Green Tea and thanks her lucky stars for the line-up of lovelies that make up the Mangajo range. Combining age old wisdom of the Middle East & Asia, pomegranates and green tea are well-known and power pair ingredients. Take yours chilled and with a twist.