Punjaban - Punjaban Butter Chicken Curry Base 350g


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Punjaban Butter Chicken Curry Base 350g
Punjabans philosophy is simple; No compromises on authenticity. It was these principals that were at the heart of the company when Charanjit Sapal (also know as Charlie) started the business in 2010. She still runs the company with her two children Gurjeet and Ria.

When Gurjeet went to university he missed her home cooked food so much that Charlie sent her sauce up for him to use. This started to become a regular occurrence and she began to cook a batch every day! Little did she know that Gurjeet had enormous demand for the delicious sauce from his friends. When the truth finally revealed itself the family knew there was a demand for something more traditional and that is how Punjaban was born.

To this day, every jar that is lovingly hand-made is made with the same care and attention as Gurjeets curry was when he was missing his mums proper Punjabi cooking.

Punjaban Butter Chicken Curry Base Medium. A complete curry base made from a mixture of fresh onions, ginger, garlic & tomatoes infused Punjabi spices, medium in heat so for those who like a little bit of spice then this is perfect.