Rawgaia - Rawgaia MSM Organic Beauty Cream 50ml


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Rawgaia MSM Organic Beauty Cream 50ml
A magical cream that helps to promote a vibrant and smooth complexion. Especially good for dry skin, the MSM within acts as 'the beauty mineral' combining perfectly with frankincense and myrrh essential oils. This nourishing MSM superfood filled moisturiser is set in Cacao Butter which drenches the skin in botanical moisture to help it feel soft and supple. Made with the superfood; MSM, along with organic frankincense and myrrh oil, this divine moisturiser helps to keep skin feeling super hydrated. It's packed with vitamins and minerals to help support the skin in feeling healthy and radiant. MSM is fast becoming one of the most popular power foods for the skin and is known as the "Beauty Mineral." Our MSM Beauty Cream is an excellent cream for all skin types, but especially effective for dry skin.