Roots & - Roots & Wings Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Biscuits 130g

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Roots & Wings Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Biscuits 130g
Welcome to Roots & Wings, an organic and natural brand for all of the family. The companys products are made from the best ingredients, carefully and ethically sourced and produced by craftsmen to our recipes across the UK for you to enjoy. As food and cooking are so central to good family life one of the key motivations behind Roots & Wings was the love of great food which through the craftsmanship of so many fantastic people in the UK can be made available to everyone. Eating and enjoying food together as a family is so important and providing good food is one way of showing how much a family is cherished, especially when that food has been grown and nurtured and made with care.

Roots & Wings Organic Exquisite Ginger Biscuits are delicious orange biscuits coated in a great tasting thick organic dark chocolate. Baked slowly using only the finest ingredients.