Secret Garden - Secret Garden Pomegranate Essence Dressing & Marinade 250ml

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Secret Garden Pomegranate Essence Dressing & Marinade 250ml
Explore the taste of the Mediterranean with Secret Gardens Pomegranate Essence Dressing & Marinade. Made to the recipe of what is traditionally known as ‘Nar Eksisi’, which translates into ‘pomegranate sour’. This authentic recipe combines the finest blends of sun kissed Pomegranates which are handpicked from the unique region of Antakya in Turkey. Thanks to its location, soil richness and the soft breeze of the Mediterranean, every drop is filled with a distinctive delicious sweet tangy taste and aroma combined with superior quality. Our sweet and sour Pomegranates are gently simmered for hours to leave behind the purest and richest flavoured syrup which is used to compliment the natural flavours of many foods, and is most commonly used as a salad dressing; so add instead of citrus or vinegar. It's also great to marinade all types of fish, meats and poultry. We pack in all the goodness from six of these miracle fruits into each of our bottles. Packed full of antioxidants, equal to those in green tea and red wine it is also loaded with vitamin E .