Sense - Sense Sense For Nicotine Lovers Vegicaps 14s x 6


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Sense For Nicotine Lovers Vegicaps 14s x 6
Multivitamin Supplement For People Who Smoke
Sense For Nicotine Lovers Capsules contain a natural Multivitamin blend for people who smoke, which replenishes the lost Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that is often damaged when smoking.
90 Capsules.
For nicotine lovers.
Vegetarian friendly.
Vitamin B1 aids Heart Health.
A unique enhanced multivitamin formula.
Assists with the damage caused by smoking.
Vitamin B2 & Vitamin C helps against oxidative stress.
Folic Acid, niacin & Magnesium reduces tiredness & Fatigue.
Biotin, Copper, Iron, Selenium & Zinc support the Immune System.