Some Good - Some Good Organic Cacao Powder 140g

Some Good

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Some Good Some Good Organic Cacao Powder 140g

Organic Cacao Powder from the tropics of Peru, just south of the equator. It contains a wealth of antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin, plus mood enhancing compounds that help you unwind and improve your cognitive function.Why choose Some Good Cacao Powder? With so much Cacao on the market its easy to get swamped by the brands available or choose the cheapest rather than the best cacao powder. Some Good Cacao is Organic and from Peru the country of Origin of cocoa and cacao. The cultivation takes place at the bottom of the western slope of the Andes, and in the Peruvian jungle. The quality of our cacao powder reflects the complete organic process of our native cocoa and is realised in the nutritional content, taste and aroma of this rich product.