Spatone - Spatone Iron+ - 28 Day Pack 28s


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Spatone - Spatone Iron+ (28 Sachets)

Spatone Iron Supplements keep your body supplied with all-important iron, in a sachet form that dissolves easily into water or fruit juice (which also adds vitamin C).

Iron is vital for keeping your tissues well oxygenated and healthy. The blood relies on iron to carry oxygen around the system. However, for one or more of several reasons, many people suffer from iron deficiency. Athletes often have a higher iron demand than other people, so if you do a lot of sports and exercise it is important to build up your iron stores as your body tissues require higher-than-normal levels of oxygenation.

Because so much of the iron we get is from meat, vegetarians can sometimes find they have lower iron levels as well.

Menstruation and pregnancy are also commonly associated with iron deficiency. In any of these circumstances, you can rely of Spatone to replenish your iron stores and help keep your body fighting fit.


Spatone Iron 28 is ideally taken diluted in orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach or in between meals. It is advisable to leave 30 - 45min between the consumption of iron supplements and the consumption of drinks (with the exception of water) and food.


Vitamin C (e.g. in a glass of orange juice) is well recognised to improve the body's ability to absorb iron. If you can't tolerate orange juice try apple, mango, pineapple, or tomato juice “ all rich in Vitamin C but low in tannins. Spatone can also be taken neat or diluted in water.

If you don't want to take Spatone first thing in the morning you can also take it at night before going to bed.

During pregnancy you can safely take up to two sachets a day to keep your iron levels topped up.

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