Peppersmith - Spearmint 100% Xylitol Chewing Gum 15g x 12


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Peppersmith Chewing Gum Fine English Spearmint 15g: Peppersmith has been on a mission to make confectionery that tastes good and does you good. Peppersmith now make mints and gum that are all accredited by theBritish Dental Health Foundation for helping reduce the risk of plaque and tooth decay. And they’re free from funny stuff like artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or aspartame.You can find them in lots of shops across the UK and even Holland, Japan, Turkey and beyond.Peppersmith are a passionate bunch with a very strong set ofvalues that promise to stick to fun, challenging and rewarding journey continues.Peppersmith's brand spanking new fine English spearmint gum. Relaunched with a better flavour, better texture and better packaging while still being proven to reduce plaque and the risk of tooth decay.Sweetened it with 100% xylitol and it’s active dental health benefits have been accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation.