Thursday Plantation Pure Tea Tree Oil - Thursday Plantation Pure Tea Tree Oil 50ml

Thursday Plantation Pure Tea Tree Oil

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Description: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is a powerful medicine which is relatively gentle to the skin. It penetrates and heals while being kind to healthy tissue. Clinical trials have proven its value in treating sinusitis, sore throat, tinea, Candida, boils, acne, golden staph infections and many other conditions. The Original - Thursday Plantation was world's first scientific testing plantation. Standardised - Terpinen-4-ol (the main germicidal active) exceeds the minimum specification of Australian (AS2782-1997) and International (ISO4730) Standards by at least 20% - Potency unconditionally Guaranteed - Broad Spectrum - All known constituents (around 100) are present - Broad Spectrum Activity against bacteria and fungi (E.coli & Candida) - Protection from Degradation - Strict standards for light protection to ensure minimal degradation. - Superior Medicinal Potency and Safety - Residue Free - Ecological Harvesting - Child Proof / Tamper Evident Caps - Confidence, Safety, Protection.