Tiana - Tiana 100% Raw Coconut Water & Pomegranate 350ml


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Tiana 100% Raw Coconut Water & Pomegranate 350ml
TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Coconut Water from fresh young coconuts is the World’s Premier coconut water due to the fact that it is bottled within 3 hours of opening the coconut to maintain the same taste and nutrition as freshly opened young coconuts. 100% Raw and unpasteurised is a natural energy drink. 100% pure and therefore labelled Nature’s Purest Treasure. Naturally, isotonic containing essential electrolytes, it has low acidity and is very low in calories. It is the most nutritious juice filled with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and hormones.

Best enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced & varied diet. A refreshing and hydrating coconut juice for any occasion. Also, ideal as a post work out drink.

Our new cap is designed with an opener on the top, you invert the cap, press it onto the top and turn it round to cut the seal. This type of seal is to ensure absolute freshness and that no goodness is lost as our coconut waters are 100% raw containing the maximum nutrients. Real raw coconut water from young green coconuts must be sealed more thoroughly and hence why it was important to use such seals.