Vega - Vega Digestive Enzymes Formula Capsules 60s


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Vega Digestive Enzymes Formula Capsules 60s
Vega digestive enzymes formula provides a combination of enzymes that may help in the breakdown of foods such as fats, proteins, starches and fibre. Digestive enzymes are secreted in various parts of the gastro-intestinal tract, helping to digest and breakdown food and unlocking vital nutrients that are then absorbed into the blood stream. Various factors can affect the body’s capacity to manufacture these enzymes, which may lead to poor digestion and mal-absorption of nutrients. The body’s ability to produce enzymes may decrease with ageing, hence a supplement may be of benefit to the elderly. Various foods can provide a source of enzymes, however they must be consumed raw as heat can destroy the enzymes. Free from artificial additives, colours, flavours and preservatives; lactose, salt, starch and sugar; corn, gluten, wheat and yeast; dairy, gelatin. Suitable for Kosher and vegans diets.