Willies - Venezuelan Rio Caribe Dark 72% Chocolate 80g


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Product Description
Willie's Cacao Venezuelan Black Rio Caribe Superior The beans are sourced on the north eastern side of Venezuela. They take their name from the small fishing port of Rio Caribe on the Paria Peninsula which is sometimes called the "chocolate coast". The flavour notes of the bars are of citrus fruits with a smooth tangy finish. The bars are made using a simple and traditional process that avoids over-refining and captures the unique flavours of the world's best beans. These bars are beautiful, 2 solid gold squares, one for now and one for later. Willie Harcourt-Cooze is the only small cacao grower-producer in the UK. He has been farming cacao for more than a decade at the Hacienda El Tesoro, his beautiful farm in the breathtaking heights of the Henri Pittier National Park. The cacao trees are cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemicals.