Vitabiotics Wellkid Calcium Liquid - Vitabiotics Wellkid Calcium Liquid 150ml

Vitabiotics Wellkid Calcium Liquid

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VITABIOTICS Wellkid Calcium Liquid 250ml
The Wellkid vitamin range for children provides great all-round, carefully balanced formulas for your kids aged 4-12 years. If you're looking for a comprehensive formula with more than vitamins A, C and D, or the ideal Omega-3 or calcium supplement for kids, the Vitabiotics' range of children's vitamins has it covered.
Wellkid Calcium Liquid is a carefully balanced combination of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, copper and zinc for children aged 4-12 years, with a great tasting orange flavour.Balanced calcium with magnesium.Children's growth and development.Great tasting liquid.