Teapigs - Yerba Mate Tea 15 Bags


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Yerba Mate Tea from Teapigs is for anyone feeling open-minded and willing to take a risk. This is an Amazonian secret energy brew - it may smell like creosote, but it works like magic. With its smoky green tea-like taste, could this be the new Lapsang Souchong?

Try this unique flavour, sourced from Brazil, with a sprinkle of ginger or cinnamon.

Louise from Teapigs says
Yerba mate (pronounced yerba mah-tey) is native to South America where it’s been used for centuries by native tribes who believe in its ability to naturally energise, focus and rejuvenate the body. If that wasn’t enough, this special little shrub is jammed packed full of goodness and in 1964 The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society were so interested in this healthy source of vitamins they did a thorough study of the plant’s properties. They concluded "it is difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to mate in nutritional value" and that yerba mate contains "practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life." Wowsers, that’s some statement – no wonder teapigs Nick, Becky, James and Reggie adore this blend!